Poster for the movie 'EFC', featuring a collage of images depicting female mixed martial arts fighters in action, with the movie title prominently displayed in bold lettering. The poster conveys a sense of strength, determination, and intense competition, with the fighters shown in various poses and expressions that capture the intensity and drama of the sport.

The intensity, the drama, the action – ‘EFC’ has it all

In this adrenaline-fueled story, the world of women’s mixed martial arts is rocked by an explosive showdown between reigning champion Cassady Jones and rising star Alexa Star. The clash of these two titans sends shock waves through the EFC, as the future of the sport hangs in the balance. At the heart of “EFC” is a powerful message of female empowerment and the importance of fighting for what you believe in. With its intense action sequences and inspiring storyline, this movie is sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages. “EFC” is scheduled for release in 2024. Get ready, the fight for everything is coming!

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