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In this adrenaline-fueled story, the world of women’s mixed martial arts is rocked by an explosive showdown between reigning champion Cassady Jones and rising star Alexa Star. The clash of these two titans sends shock waves through the EFC, as the future of the sport hangs in the balance. At the heart of “EFC” is […]

Discover the dark and thrilling world of finance and power in the new movie ‘Monopoli’. This gripping film takes you on a journey into the shadowy underbelly of the global monetary system, where a secret society of financiers battle for control. With a star-studded cast and stunning visuals, ‘Monopoli’ is a must-see for fans of […]

Currently in development:  “GENESIS” imagines a world without original thought, a chilling meditation on the importance of creativity. The world of independent cinema is about to get a lot more exciting with the announcement of this new sci-fi thriller movie in development – “Genesis.” This groundbreaking film promises to transcend time and captivate generations to […]